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Dolly, Appliance 5614

  • $15.00 /half-day
  • $20.00 /day
  • $60.00 /week
  • $180.00 /month

Capacity 500 lbs. With Ratchet Strap Tightener and Automatic Strap Recoil Magnesium Light! Magnesium Strong!

The most advanced appliance truck sold today. Escort exclusive features include a newly-designed ratchet strap tightener plus automatic strap recoil to save time and labor.
The MRT is light, strong and efficient. Easily the finest magnesium appliance truck available.
 60"H x 17"W. 5" x 24" foot plate.
 One 3-ply 14' web strap with ratchet tightener and strap recoil.
Padded with soft, protective rubber and felt. 
6" x 2" cushion tread rubber wheels.
Crawler treads.

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