Equipment Division


Bubble Machine
  • $25.00 /day

This theatrical grade Bubble Machine cranks out thousands of bubbles. Runs on standard 110vac electricity. Bubble fluid is sold... view details »
Bull Horn - Megaphone
  • $20.00 /day

This hand held Megaphone amplifies your voice and is easy to use. Because it is lightweight and easy to carry it is a popular... view details »

Fog Machine
  • $20.00 /day

This Fog machine creates white / gray dry chemical fog. Theatrical grade unit that produces a lot of fog fast. Common uses are for... view details »
Follow Spot on wheels
  • $75.00 /day

This professional grade Follow spot (1000 watt Spot light) has been the standard for theatrical productions for years. It is... view details »

Mirror Ball, 16 inch
  • $40.00 /day

Create a festive atmosphere with this 16 inch Mirror ball. The Mirror Ball is lightweight and is designed to be hung... view details »
Mirror Ball, Spotlight (Pin spot)
  • $5.00 /day

This professional Pin spot (Spotlight) PAR light can be used with the Mirror Ball or to illuminate any object. Requires 110vac... view details »

PA - Lectern extra speakers
  • $20.00 /day

These speakers can extend your audible distance when rented with the PA Lectern unit. view details »
PA - Lectern Folding Stand
  • $25.00 /day

This portable folding stand will turn our Portable PA Lectern into a full size podium. Attractive and easily portable. view details »

PA - Lectern PA System
  • $50.00 /day

This is an excellent PA system for speaking purposes. It is one of our most popular rental items. The unit is light weight for... view details »
Projector, 35mm Slide
  • $27.00 /day

This 35mm slide projector is made by Kodak. It uses the Carousel system to hold your slides. The carousel will hold up to 80... view details »

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