Equipment Division


Candles, No Drip white 15 inch
  • $1.00 /day

These No Drip Candles are required for use in all of our candelabras.  These mechanical candles feed the candle wax to the... view details »
Wedding, Nickel Aisle Candle
  • $12.50 /day

Great for aisles and areas where a secure attachment is needed, this aisle candelabra includes our quick clamp for quickly and... view details »

Wedding, Nickel Candle Lighter
  • $10.00 /day

These candle lighters are a necessity when lighting candles on the taller candelabras. Comes complete with internal wick. Silver... view details »
Wedding, Nickel Catherdral Archway
  • $50.00 /day

This Cathedral Archway is a contemporary Trellis Arch that is silver in color. The arch is 60 in. wide by 90 in. high by 14... view details »

Wedding, Nickel Spiral Candlelabra 15 Lite
  • $25.00 /day

This spiraling floor candelabra offers magnificent beauty and is one of our most complicated pieces. It's 15 lights can be... view details »
Wedding, Nickel Tree Candelabra 9 Lite
  • $25.00 /day

This piece is avery popular side item. The 9 lite trees are normally rented in pairs to be used as side item. view details »

Wedding, Nickle Arch Candelabra 15 Lite
  • $25.00 /day

The 15 light Arch is one of our mosts popular pieces.  Our 15 light arch candelabra has been a backdrop to thousands of... view details »
Wedding, Nickle Heart Candelabra, 17 Lite
  • $25.00 /day

This candelabra can be used as a single centerpiece or in a pair for side items. It is Silver in color and the height is... view details »

Wedding, Nickle Kneeling Bench (Face to Face)
  • $25.00 /day

This Face to Face Kneeling Bench is by far the most popular style because it consists of two bench... view details »
Wedding, Nickle Pyramid, 9 Lite
  • $25.00 /day

With this this candelabra you can adjust the angle and the height. Normally used in pairs. These candelabras are also used in... view details »

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