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Aabco Rents Inc


We have been providing rental equipment to the fine people of Birmingham for more than 40 years.

At Aabco Rents we stock the small to medium size equipment that is in high demand by home owners and small contractors. We don’t carry Bulldoziers or other large machinery, however we do have a nice fleet of small to medium size equipment suitable for almost any task. Our employees are well trained and are familiar with most projects and can offer up some practical tips and advice that will make your job go smoother. The minute you enter one of our locations you will feel right at home. We understand that you have a task at hand and we want to help you get it completed. So, when you have a project that needs attention – give us a call and you will see how easy it is to rent the equipment you need. Also, we do small engine repair and lawn mower repair. Come see us.

Finally, we are proud of the fact that we are locally owned and managed right here in Birmingham.