Equipment Division

1- About Our Linen Rental Instructions

When you receive your linen it will be ready for use. Our linen has been cleaned, pressed, folded, and sealed in clear plastic to protect if from stains during transport to your event site.

It is not necessary for you to clean the linen before returning it to us - we will clean and press the linen.

All linen should be returned in plastic bags as follows:
Shaken Out: Free from food and food particles. You will be charged a fee of $2.00 per cloth for linen returned with food in them.
Dry: Do not place wet linens into plastic bags - they will mildew. You will be charged retail replacement cost for all mildewed linen.
No Permanent Stains, Burns, Tears, Ink, or Candle Wax: We expect to see stains from normal usage including food stains, however, if you return cloths with Permanent damage such as; ink, dyes, bleach, burns, rips, tears, candle wax, etc.., you will be charged the full retail replacement cost of the linen.

Keep up with your linen - you are responsible for all missing items

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