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Platforms for Staging 5951

  • $50.00 /day
These professional 4ft x 6ft staging/platform sections (see 2nd photo) by Wenger are used to build stages or raised platforms for your event. Multiple 4ft x6ft platforms ($50 each) are used to create stages (small or large) depending on your need. There are many uses for staging as they can be setup indoors or outdoors. Our customers use them for speaking platforms, for ceremonies, for bands and DJ's, for fashion shows or runways, for graduations, and even for choir risers. Popular sizes are 8ft x 6ft (2pcs), 12ft x 8ft (4pcs) 12ft x 12ft (6pcs), and 18ft x 12ft (9pcs). We can even build them as large performance stages with a tent on top. The platform heights can be set at 8in, 16in, 24in, or 30 inches high. Popular additions include skirting, step sets, and Pipe and Drape backdrops. Give us a call and we can help you determine the size you need and get you a Quote.

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