Equipment Division


Air Conditioner, for tents
  • $200.00 /day
  • $400.00 /week
  • $1200.00 /month

These portable air conditioners are designed for use in tents. They have an hot air exhaust tube that must be vented outdoors with... view details »
Fan, 42 in Floor fan w/Mister kit and wheels
  • $52.00 /day

This is one of our most popular items during the Summer months for outdoor events, however, these fans can be used indoors as... view details »

Heater, Patio Propane 40k BTU
  • $70.00 /day

Patio Heaters are designed for outdoor use. Great for outdoor events and parties where you need an area of warmth for your guests.... view details »
Heater, Tent - 170K BTU - Propane 3804
  • $200.00 /day
  • $400.00 /week
  • $800.00 /month

This 170,000 BTU heater is clean burning and approved for indoor use. The heater has a fan that blows warm air into the tent or... view details »

Heater, Tent - 80K BTU - Propane
  • $90.00 /day
  • $180.00 /week
  • $360.00 /month

This 80,000 BTU heater is clean burning and approved for indoor use. The heater has a fan that blows warm air into the... view details »