15’x15′ Frame Tent



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15 ft x 15 ft  Frame tents provide 225 square feet of floor space. Available in white only.

Tents always add charm and ambiance to any event – even in beautiful weather. Tents are also a very practical way to add that extra square footage needed and they provide shelter from the sun or rain.

Frame tents are the most spacious and most versatile type of tent because they do not have center poles and they can be setup on both grass and hard surfaces (such as asphalt or concrete).  Frame tents are also popular because they do not have any poles in the center which allows you full usage of the floor space and freedom of floor planning.

Our crews will deliver and setup your tent for you. We will normally setup the tent on the day before your event giving you plenty of time to decorate and to prepare for your event. We will come back and take down the tent on the day after your event, or on Monday if it is a Saturday or Sunday event.

Note:  For proper installation and safety all tents must be anchored using stakes, water barrels, or other anchoring methods. The preferred method for anchoring tents is by driving stakes into the ground. Stakes can be driven into grass, dirt, or asphalt. When setting up on surfaces where stakes can not be used (such as concrete surfaces) or areas where stakes are not allowed, we can anchor the tent using water barrels, however, we must have a water source within 150′  of the tent so that we can fill the water barrels. If you are unsure of your surface, your dimensions, or the best area for the placement of your tent you can schedule an appointment for one of our event specialists to come out and do a site survey. There is no charge for this service.

Please Note: All tent setups will incur a setup fee (based on the setup surface) and a delivery fee (based on distance)
Standard setup fee on a grass/dirt surface for this tent is $60.00
Standard setup fee on a hard surface for this tent is $75.00

Helpful Hint:
You can add Cathedral window sides, solid sides, or interior lighting to any tent.