Air Conditioner, for tents



These portable air conditioners are designed for use in tents. They have an hot air exhaust tube that must be vented outdoors with the cold air tube blowing indoors. These AC units are also very useful freestanding just to blow cold air (guests like standing in front of them).

115vac (uses standard household power)
1 ton unit, (10,000 BTU’s – same size as a window AC unit)
Requires a dedicated 15amp circuit.
Each unit is self contained with it’s own condensation tank in the bottom of the unit. The unit will cut off when the condensation tank gets full and you must empty the tank before it will operate again.

NOTE: It takes a LOT of BTU’s to cool a tent. Our 1 Ton units are the largest available for use on standard 115vac power, even so, each unit will only cool a 10ft x 10ft tent. It takes 4 units to cool a 20ft x 20ft tent. That is why many customers will use them freestanding in an open tent just to blow cold air rather than try to cool down the entire tent.
If you want to properly air condition a tent please call us for an estimate, but be advised that the cost of renting a large AC unit and the towable generator required to power them often cost 3 or 4 times as much as the tent rental.