Beverage Dispenser, 3 Gallon Clear Acrylic



This 3 gallon Beverage Dispenser is a beautiful way to serve any cold beverage. These dispensers have an inner liner with double wall construction that keeps liquids cold longer – plus it greatly reduces condensation. This unit features a ‘No-Drip’ faucet and includes a hollow base that can be used as a decorative display. These dispensers are made of BPA Free ‘Tritan’ acrylic.

* Made in the USA
* 3 gallon capacity
* BPA Free
* No – Drip Faucet
* Double wall construction provides insulation
* Double wall construction minimizes condensation
* Embossed internal measuring marks
* Clear decorative base
* 19.5 inches tall
* Faucet height accomidates 6.5in tall glasses
* Can accomidate taller glasses if used on edge of table