Skirt, 17 ft Ivory #101 –



Fits on a 60 inch round table or all 4 sides of an 6 foot banquet table.

Skirting is often used on head tables and in situations when you would have someone sitting on one side of the table. It is also perfect for vendor tables.

Our skirting is easy to attach using the built in velcro strip and attaching it to the 1 inch plastic skirt clips that are included with your skirting rental.  Please note that the clips included with your rental are designed to fit our tables. We can not guarantee that our clips will fit any other tables. Our table skirts can be attached to any table by pinning them to the tablecloth.

Helpful Hint:
It is considered proper etiquette to use "Floor Length" skirting or cloths on all buffet tables, serving tables, and head tables.